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Scientists present new bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt on the evolution of plants and the origin of species There are overplant bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt in the world today. They all evolved from a common ancestor.

How this leap in biodiversity happened is still unclear.

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In the upcoming issue of "Nature", an international team of bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt, including scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, presents the results of a unique project on the evolution of plants. Using genetic data from 1, species the team created the most comprehensive evolutionary tree for bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt plants to date.

Biodiversity changes more in water than on land Rapid changes in biodiversity are taking place in many places around the world.

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But the diversity of species does not change the same everywhere. A new study in the journal "Science" shows that the composition of species in marine bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt is changing more rapidly than on land. Andreas in Scotland. Bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt 14 research projects will examine how complex mechanical systems can be better modelled and simulated on the computer.


The European Union will provide around 3. MLU is joined by bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt other universities and research institutions from eight countries in Europe. Novel materials could be the solution. They zweite hand frau sucht mann created, tested and filed a patent for a concept that utilises the latest findings from the field of spintronics. Most experiments are unrealistic because they do bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt correspond to projected climate scenarios for a specific region.

Thus, we lack reliable data on what ecosystems might look like in the future, as a team of biodiversity researchers from Central Germany show in the journal "Global Change Biology".

The material was discovered by an international research team in cooperation with Martin Luther University.


The electrons at the oxide interface of the material possess special properties which drastically increase the bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt rate of spin current to charge current. This is the foundation for future spintronic applications. The new material has been found to be more efficient than any previously investigated material, the team writes in the journal "Nature Materials".

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It could become significantly easier to vaccinate plants against bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt in future. It enables the rapid identification and production of precisely tailored substances that combat different pathogens.

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The researchers discuss their work in the journal "Nucleic Acids Research". Instead they lived high up in the inhospitable Bale Mountains.

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There bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt had enough water, built tools out of obsidian and relied mainly on giant rodents for nourishment. This discovery was made by an international team of researchers led by Martin Luther University.

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Bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt the current issue of "Science", the bekanntschaften sachsen anhalt provide the first evidence that our African ancestors had already settled in the mountains during the Palaeolithic period, about 45, years ago.

Plant cells as small-scale assembly lines Growth for plant research in Halle: Doctoral students are investigating how complex biochemical processes are controlled in subdivided rooms so-called "compartments" of plant cells.

Our commitment to refugees Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg supports refugees eager to study by providing the following counselling services and measures.